About us

We are leaders in the satellite communications field with more than 10 years experience in the SCADA sector.

Our Story

Icarusnet was founded in 1999 by a group of private entrepreneurs with backgrounds in satellite communications and a wealth of knowledge attained from extensive experience at the most important Italian and international telecommunication companies.

Within the last few years Icarusnet has been able to position itself as a highly qualified satellite network operator for the professional market.

Our strong relationships with the largest satellite operators (e.g. Eutelsat) and hardware manufacturers (e.g. Viasat and UHP Networks) along with local partners for ground operations, allow Icarusnet to provide the most optimized turn-key solutions within the whole of Europe and the Middle East.

Our success has been achieved by deploying very large SCADA networks throughout Europe. This has allowed us to master the technology, further develop our business, and set up our own infrastructure, giving us the constant access to the most efficient and reliable technology.

Corporate Vision

Our concise management structure is dedicated to always discovering the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for our clients in an ever-evolving market.

Our satellite engineers are fully devoted to delivering solutions to our clients that exceed expectations.

At Icarusnet we conscientiously select our partners with the aim of building our corporate relations based upon reliability, competence, and transparence.

Our Philosophy

The highest quality solutions, straightforwardness, and transparency with our clients, partners, and colleagues are at the core of the Icarusnet company philosophy.

For this reason, through a selective process, we seek partners from whom we require reliability, competency, and transparency at the core of their business approach.