Our Capabilities


Icarusnet designs installs, configures, manages and maintains systems and satellite networks. The network sizing and design, together with the link budgeting and network integration based on the several and different technologies available on the market, represent one of the strong innovation points of the company.

Cooperation with end clients, large telecom operators and providers, and software and applications developers allow us to design customized networks based on state-of-the-art solutions in terms of performance, reliability and competitiveness. All the projects developed by Icarusnet are designed following the investment protection criteria.

NEtwork Sizing & Link Budgeting

Satellite capacity is a scarce resource and above all, requires accurate sizing and dimensioning based on a series of variables including the customer needs, choice of satellite, and the type of satellite communication equipment that can be used.

For each project and for each customer request based on existing or new networks, the engineering team of Icarusnet starts with an accurate and detailed preliminary analysis of the network requirements in order to select the best satellite(s) available both in terms of satellite performance as well as satellite coverage; following this a link budget analysis is run.

At the same time, for the network sizing, an analysis of the client’s network is carried forward in order to have a deep understanding of the possible integration of the satellite network with other wired or wireless technologies.

The network design and link budgeting is done with an overall helicopter view in order to consider the entire communication infrastructure and not only regarding the satellite. This is the only way the network can be considered reliable, efficient and secure.

Installation and Maintenance

Throughout the past decade Icarusnet has developed business and implemented projects everywhere Europe and the Middle East, setting up a network of reliable, highly skilled and trustworthy Ground Operations installers.

The capillary local presence of our installers allows us to run a 24/7service with guaranteed troubleshooting within 4h from the ticket opening. The same applies to the activation of new sites (subject to conditions and to hardware availability in stock).


Management and Maintenance of Satellite Networks

Each and every satellite service run by Icarusnet is directly managed and followed closely by our personnel either from our own Teleport in Italy or via partner Teleports, and is monitored 24/7 by our personnel.

The support team constantly monitors the status of the network and the quality of the services which run on each network. In the event of disruptions, or simple digital degradations, or packet loss and disruption in connectivity, the proactive monitoring system and the personnel at the Network Operating Centre (NOC) will contact the client and intervene remotely or, if needed, on remote sites.